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Infinite Resources. Finite resources have literally fueled human development and enabled us to achieve unbelievable heights.  Transportation energy resources, from wood, to coal, to oil, were initially very plentiful and easily accessible, to the point that we have fell victim to the hypnotic, seemingly endless energy supply sirens.  Status quo finite energy indulgence will not continue to  work. Exhausting finite carbon resources threatens the fabric of civilization.  STE’s dedication to the “change mantra” of  identification, innovation, implementation and adaptation of infinite-sustainable-renewable energy resources leads the way on how our planet’s transportation can be sustainable and longer lasting. Infinite hydrogen powers U.S.’s outer-space exploration, will fuel extraterrestrial settlements and is STE’s infinite fuel of the future.

Scalable Model. International concern for global warming is realized more every day.  STE’s sustainable transportation and energy system provides a scalable sustainable model that can be implemented anywhere there is a transportation ROW available. STE’s sustainable business model is playing a huge role in providing improved transportation, quality of life, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and enhanced public safety while concentrating on infinite energy resources, sequestering GHG and more.

Net-Zero+ Operations. STE is a not only a net-zero company/transportation service company it is a net-zero PLUS enterprise.  By being a net-zero+ company, STE generates more renewable energy than it consumes.  This endeavor makes it possible for STE to place renewable energy on the national grid and market it to others.  This source of revenue, in-turn, underwrites the construction, operation, maintenance, services and system expansion of  the entire STE system.

 Air Quality. Everyone is slowly coming to the realization that atmospheric content of carbon and greenhouse gases is changing our weather patterns and severely affecting the quality of air we breathe.  STE is pleased to bring to the table a transportation system that does not affect the quality of our air, does not employ carbon-based grid power and provides a transportation option for millions of travelers willing  to choose a non-polluting mode of transportation that endorses innovation to reduce pollution.

Vehicular Traffic. Vehicular traffic shoulders a major responsibility for  increased congestion, pollution, road maintenance, increased taxes, deaths, injuries and a myriad of other concerns. Additionally, it negatively affects most urban and suburban residents overall quality of life. Data supports the facts that for every trip a person chooses to use public transport, a significant amount of GHG emissions is eliminated.  STE, through quality public transportation service, high accessibility, dependability and consistent improvement, seeks to attract and service more citizens in their choice to become more sustainable in their life-style and improving the quality of life for themselves and their families by using high impact vehicles on our roads.

Greenways. The right-of-ways(ROW) that STE uses for is hydrail commuter services are an integral part of the synergy which STE has endorsed.  By making the ROWs greenways using native grasses and wildflowers, the view for the riders and passerby’s is improved, bee habitat is enhanced and area runoff is controlled.

Community Gardens. Each Community Opportunity Station becomes a site for affordable housing development and STE’s Sustainable Villages. At these sites, residents have access to community gardens to raise fruits and vegetables, reduce high water-demand grass expansion, create neighborhood gathering sites and become beneficiaries of home-grown foods.

Bike/Ped Healthways©. During the extensive interface that STE has had through Community Forums, STE learned of the great interest residents have in their existing bike/ped programs.  STE wants to encourage the advantages of healthy outdoor activities as well as promote all sustainable modalities. Bike/Ped Healthways© are an extension of existing and new paths that are a synergistic use of the STE pollution-free right-of-ways.  These improved Healthways are enhanced with rest facilities, security, DIY bike repair depots and picnic locations.  When the whole STE Hydrail system is complete, hundreds of Healthway miles will be available to all.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions. None!  All aspects of the STE SustainableSynergy Business Plan are focused on reducing present GHG producing technologies and instituting non-GHG technologies, throughout.

Carbon Capture. Each COS is equipped with carbon capture technologies to physically remove and sequester carbon particulates from the air.


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To provide the traveling public with sustainable 21st Century Transportation by

Creating a hydrail commuter rail network
Developing net-zero+ solar/wind power generation facilities
Marketing excess renewable energy on the national grid
Maintaining a state-of-the-art infrastructure and system
Being a fiscally responsible operation without state/federal funding
Providing enhanced rider accessibility and services



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Phase 1

STE Research and  Development

Phase 2

North Front Range Rail Connector

Phase 3

Roaring Fork Valley Rail Connector

Phase 4

Parker to Lone Tree Connector

Phase 5

Colorado Springs to Franktown Connector Rail

Phase 6

Vail Valley Regional Connector

Phase 7

I-70 Mountain Express

Phase 8

Castle Rock to Lone Tree Connector


Sustainable Transportation and Energy Holdings, Inc. (formally Rocky Mountain Rail) is a private, for-profit Colorado Corporation established to bring quality passenger rail service to Colorado and beyond by merging the benefits of clean renewable energy generation with 21st Century hydrail-powered, independent coach rail service. This non-tax, non-government funded system is underwritten by the development, use and marketing of renewable energy. The STE Sustainable Synergy Business Model© is a model, created solely by and owned by Sustainable Systems of Colorado. It was designed by STE to better represent the needs and critical aspects of transportation demanded by today’s travelers. Opportunities for STE equity partnerships/collaboration are encouraged.


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