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Community Opportunity Stations. Each Community Opportunity Center(COS) becomes a business opportunity for large and small businesses, community services, meeting sites, education and training. 

Station Theme. Each COS name designation will be that of a different country.  This country name designation opens greater community outreach, business development opportunities, tourism possibilities and new business foci.

Advisory Councils. Community involvement in the STE Sustainable Synergy Business Model is important to STE and to the community.  These councils ensure quality communications with those around each Community Opportunity Station and provide a vital link to identify and address community ideas, expectations and aspirations.

Public-Private-Partnerships. Commensurate with Advisory Councils is the more formal creation of Public-Private-Partnerships in each community.  This work makes it possible to identify directions, solve challenges, meet community needs and desired outcomes so that STE can publicly work with authorities to improve and provide vital services.

Intergovernmental Agreements. Where possible, STE is anxious to form intergovernmental agreements(IGA) with authorities  that help facilitate community development, provide eminent domain and coordinate sewer, water, electricity and other vital collaboration areas.

Tax Revenue. With the buildout of the Community Opportunity Stations, municipalities will enlarge the sources of tax revenue which will help underwrite ongoing and future municipal development needs.

Tourism. STE wants to provide communities with the opportunity to part of a regional effort to serve local use of the services but to also attract non-residents to visit the area and partake in community activities and COS features.  With the naming of each COS as a specific country, expansion of outside interest brings new ideas and new business possibilities to the community.

Housing. Retaining and attracting local residents is necessary to create community vitality and growth.  With the development of affordable housing as part of the COS, underserved and new residents can quickly become part of the Communities’ fiber.

Congestion Reduction. Congestion and traffic related problems seem to become part of every community.  STE is striving to relieve some of the congestion by working with communities to provide hydrail commuter services so that residents can be relieved of the expanding congestion.

Community Connectivity Corridor. Many STE community forum attendees have communicated that they do not interact or attend desired activities due to the difficulties associated with traveling to or from home due to the traffic, safety, parking  and congestion. STE’s commuter corridor opens many possibilities that young and old alike can enjoy.

Health and Wellness. Access to health facilities and other necessary services is made easier with the STE commuter services.  This service will save lives and relieve unneeded stress to families.  This service along with the decrease in air pollutants makes a higher quality of life for all.


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To provide the traveling public with sustainable 21st Century Transportation by

Creating a hydrail commuter rail network
Developing net-zero+ solar/wind power generation facilities
Marketing excess renewable energy on the national grid
Maintaining a state-of-the-art infrastructure and system
Being a fiscally responsible operation without state/federal funding
Providing enhanced rider accessibility and services



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Phase 1

STE Research and  Development

Phase 2

North Front Range Rail Connector

Phase 3

Roaring Fork Valley Rail Connector

Phase 4

Parker to Lone Tree Connector

Phase 5

Colorado Springs to Franktown Connector Rail

Phase 6

Vail Valley Regional Connector

Phase 7

I-70 Mountain Express

Phase 8

Castle Rock to Lone Tree Connector


Sustainable Transportation and Energy Holdings, Inc. (formally Rocky Mountain Rail) is a private, for-profit Colorado Corporation established to bring quality passenger rail service to Colorado and beyond by merging the benefits of clean renewable energy generation with 21st Century hydrail-powered, independent coach rail service. This non-tax, non-government funded system is underwritten by the development, use and marketing of renewable energy. The STE Sustainable Synergy Business Model© is a model, created solely by and owned by Sustainable Systems of Colorado. It was designed by STE to better represent the needs and critical aspects of transportation demanded by today’s travelers. Opportunities for STE equity partnerships/collaboration are encouraged.


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